Fabian Everyman first appeared in The Annihilation Score. He was a potential superhero to join the Transhuman Police Coordination Force (TPCF). During his interview, he was revealed to be exerting mystic, mind-altering influence on Dominique O’Brien. Everyman was flagged as a potential supervillain but was allowed to leave. He was later captured trying to suborn the Prime Minister and locked in a heavily warded cell in the Tower of London guarded by deaf guards.

He was freed by Iris Carpenter (in The Delirium Brief) under the guidance of the Senior Auditor during Continuity Operations as the “lesser evil” when confronting Raymond Schiller’s attempt to summon the Sleeper in the Pyramid. He was revealed to be the human avatar of the Black Pharaoh. Afterwards, Fabian Everyman had himself installed as the new PM and is referred to obliquely as the New Management.

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