Hand of Glory

"Class three Hand of Glory, five charge disposable, mirrored based for coherent emission instead of generalised invisibility ... doesn't seemed to be armed, maximum range line-of-sight, activation by designated power word."

Harry the Horse, The Atrocity Archives.

Hand of Glory, also known as H.O.G., also known as HOG-3.

COWEU- 2 training required (certification of weaponry expertise, unconventional level two). First appearence: The Atrocity Archives


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"A Hand of Glory is fabricated from the hand and wrist of someone who has been wrongly executed.  A fairly simple circuit is inscribed around the radius and ulna, and the fingertips are ignited. What it does is a limited invocation that results in the bearer becoming invisible."

Makes and ModelsEdit

Hand of a maryter - The Atrocity Archives [citation needed]

Reprocessed pigeon feet - The Rhesus Chart page 124

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