Acronym for "Kiss Good-Bye 2 Your Ass".

A Laundry warehouse containing — among other things — the material for MAGIC CIRCLE OF SAFETY. "There was some sort of civil defense program from the 1970's called PROTECT AND SURVIVE...That was back during the Cold War. It was a booklet and posters and a bunch of recorded radio and TV broadcasts about how to survive a nuclear attack, and in the event of a war situation breaking out, they were going to distribute the booklets and run the broadcasts. Sort of a public information thing..." The Rhesus Chart page 56.

"While the pallets are tagged for easy identification, someone has taken the trouble to hang a copy of each poster by the side of the shelves that hold the stock. The designs are classical, and not in a good way. Two-color printing on plain white paper: Here is the parliamentary portcullis-and-crown symbol, sitting atop a perspective-flattened summoning grid, menaced by cartoonish green tentacles to ram home the message - STAY IN THE CIRCLE. And there is a symbolic nuclear family (tall male toilet-door figure, shorter female toilet-door figure, two small mini-me's) gathered under an Elder Sign - CULTIST DANGER: WATCH YOUR NEIGHBOURS FOR THIS SIGN...PROTECT AND SURVIVE with added magic circle goodness. Tentacles replace mushroom clouds in the variant semiological design language of pants-wetting despair at imminent brain-eating catastrophe."  - The Rhesus Chart page 60.

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