MAGIC CIRCLE OF SAFETY is the informational component to PROTECT AND SURVIVE, the Laundry's public awareness campaign for CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN. It's a comprehensive store of all materials needed for a quick dissemination to the public, pre-printed and ready to distribute. Unfortunately, it is written in the same 1970s patronising style as the old cold war PR pamphlets advising you to (pointlessly) duck-and-cover to save yourself from a nuke. It is about four decades overdue for an update to current (social) media standards. This is the unenviable welcome-to-the-Laundry task of Peter Wilson.

"I mean, it's embarrassing! They may be valuable cultural artifacts from the 1970s but there's no AM radio network to plug those sixteen rpm record players into anymore. The posters... no. And don't get me started on the pamphlet! It's straight out of the Jack Chick school of government communications - if I showed up at synod with a scheme to get bums on pews that relied on that type of paternalist nanny-knows-best approach, I'd, well, I'd be taken aside for tea, biscuits, and a serious talking-to about the history of marketing communications since the Mad Men Era." -- Peter Wilson, The Rhesus Chart p.117

Stored in a warehouse in Watford, under Laundry filing code "KGB.2.YA" (Kiss Good Bye 2 Your Ass)


Magic Circle of Safety official mug

The lack of updates was actually part of a scheme by an ancient vampire to hide in plain sight within the Laundry, by taking up a position as the curator of the MAGIC CIRCLE OF SAFETY warehouse, a position in which he would have almost no responsibility but still have access to the inner workings of the organization.
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