Mhari is Bob's psycho ex-girlfriend from Hell.

Mhari is Bob's on-again-off-again girlfriend at around the Atrocity Archives, before he meets Mo.

Mhari used to do some meaningless admin work in the Human Resources Department of the Laundry after being exposed to some lightly classified things in University (BSc Library Science).

HR in the Laundry it was a bad fit so she was bound to silence and released back to the public, a decision The Rhesus Chart proves was not a wise one. She got her MBA and went into investment banking. She was exposed to a contagious meme that turned her into a vampire. The official Laundry designation for this condition is PHANG syndrome. This caused her to be drafted back into HR Department of Q-Division, Special Operations Executive (aka the Laundry). She was later Seconded to the Transhuman Police Coordination Force (TPCF) under Dominique O’Brien. She served as director of operations and had a superheroic identity: the White Mask. (The Annihilation Score)

When the New Management (Fabian Everyman aka the Black Pharaoh) became Prime Minister, Mhari was granted the rank Dame Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire and given the title Baroness Karnstein, a life peerage, and a seat in the House of Lords. (The Labyrinth Index)

Appearances Edit

The Atrocity Archives minor character
The Jennifer Morgue mentioned only
The Fuller Memorandum mentioned only
The Rhesus Chart major character
The Delirium Brief major character
The Labyrinth Index major character
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