OFCUT is The Laundry-created cellphone application created for both Apple and Android OS. It's icon is a tumble drier.

It is a port of the full Occult Field Countermeasures Utility Trunk, apparently ported in whole or in part by Brain[1].


Thaumometer - Most likely a reference to Terry Pratchett's Discworld where magic can be measured with a thaumometer. Also displays colored warning labels (Yellow, Amber) and a needle to measure amount of magic being used. The Thaumometer used in The Rhesus Chart (pg 138) points towards magic in use

Basilik Firmware - a portable version of SCORPION STARE, requires a second camera for stereo vision[citation needed]

Ward Control App - Remote control to enable/disabled wards.


  1. the Fuller Memorandum, chapter 3: "Things that go bump in the daylight"
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