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Code name for vampire

People infected by PHANG syndrome are not undead.

☀PHANGs are vulnerable to UV light but not to religious symbols or garlic. They must consume blood to create a contagion pathway to another person.  The V symbiote then eats microscopic holes in the victim’s brain until they develop progressive dementia and die. PHANG syndrome provides resistance to geasa and immunity to K-syndrome. Another side effect is arithmomania, the compulsion to count things.

PHANG syndrome, or Persons of PHANG.

  • Photogolic because we really don’t get on with sunlight
  • Hemophagic because, er, let’s not go there?
  • Anagathic because some of my older colleagues suddenly don’t look a day over twenty.
  • Neurotropic because it has some other interesting side effects
  • and the ‘G’ got tacked on the end because you can’t call someone a PHANG Fucker without one, yes, ha ha, very droll

Also, a Person of Hemophagic Autocombusting Nocturnal Glamour, or whatever the fuck the politically correct acronym stands for this morning.

Persons of Hemophagia-Assisted Neurodegenerative Geheime Staatspolizei (according to Mhari Murphy in The Labyrinth Index)