Peter (Pete) is married to Sandy Wilson. The couple is one of the few non-laundry friends to Bob and Mo. Pete is a friendly vicar to a small local parish, the kind with an aversion to church dogma and that honestly has the mental well-being of his parishioners as his first interest.

A doctor of comparative religion, Pete has wide experience in ancient religious writings. Being mentioned off-hand in The Fuller Memorandum, Pete makes a first appearance in The Apocalypse Codex to translate a tome for Bob. Pete subsequently joins the Laundry, part-time, in The Rhesus Chart as a Aramaic and Biblical apocrypha consultant. His vicar's experience in shepherding souls have landed him the enviable task of updating MAGIC CIRCLE OF SAFETY, the Laundry's slightly outdated public awareness campaign for CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN.

"Bob. First of all, I like to think that the most important point of my vocation is helping people. Helping with grief, with love, with faith, with life's challenges. You've given me a better way to help more people." -- Peter, upon first meeting Bob inside the Laundry complex, The Rhesus Chart, p.54

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