Bob Howard (?) from The Atrocity Archives paperback

Bob Howard is the protagonist of The Laundry Files. Howard is not his real name, but is derived from his code name HOWARD. [citation needed]

Starting from The Fuller Memorandum, the Laundry books are presented as his memoirs, written on Angleton's insistence that Bob's "institutional knowledge" should be preserved in the (likely) event he were to be permanently unfit for Laundry duty. In The Apocalypse Codex Bob theorizes his experiences will serve as some kind of training manual for rapidly inducing field agents once CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN hits the fan.


Recruited to the Laundry after nearly landscaping Wolverhampton by accident when creating a realtime rendering algorithm that used a logical shortcut which turned out to be an open and ungrounded summoning grid.

After recruiting, Bob begins a stratospheric (if reluctant) rise through Laundry hierarchy, doing field work under James Angleton and a wrestling his way through a variety of line managers. Some blend of luck, survival instinct and geeky skill enables him to remain (so far) not permanently indisposed to perform his duties (which include speccing structured cable runs, maintaining office equipment and banishing class 4 excursions that may end the universe as we know it)

Over the course of his adventures, he meets Dominique 'Mo' O'Brien, whom he saves from death (repeatedly). Fortunately Mo appreciates this enough to return the favor several times, a fact which greatly helps their romantic involvement along.


Entangled with Ramona Random during the events of The Jennifer Morgue. Supposedly entangled with Angleton after a botched summoning ritual with the Eater of Souls.

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