The Laundry

Also Known As

Q Division, SOE


Headquarters in London, United Kingdom - Dansey House and New Annexe


Mahogany Row - Senior Auditor

Notable Individuals

Angleton, Bob Howard, Dominique O'Brien, Gerald Lockhart

The Laundry is the code-name for HM Government's occult and paranormal investigatory, research, containment and clean-up agency. Established during the Second World War, but with a precedent running back to Sir John Dee - court astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I - The Laundry is Britain's first line of defence against extradimensional incursions. 


Occasional references are made to the Invisible College, an organisation within the United Kingdom involved with magic and the occult. John Dee (1567 - 1609), court astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I, is credited with being involved from a very early stage.

The modern incarnation of The Laundry began as a wartime agency under the Special Operations Executive in the Forties. It is at this time, the genesis of the computer age, that humanity discovers magic is merely a variant of advanced mathematics, and sufficiently advanced calculations can warp reality or summon entities from other universes.

Alan Turing, cryptanalyst and pioneering computer theoretician, made some of the first efforts into combining mathematics and magic. His experiences are classified and little is known of them, except that The Laundry at the time considered his research so dangerous they elected to terminate him.

This has been considered a major error, depriving The Laundry of a vital asset very early in humanity's understanding of arcane mathematics. Ever since, the agency has operated a radical policy of 'conscripting' anyone who shows an understanding of, or even survives an experience with, the occult. They are assigned positions within the agency - the vast majority moving into the bureaucratic procedural work that comprises much of a standard British Civil Service department. A select few, with the right skills and aptitude, may find themselves on field duty, seconded to OpExec or External Assets.


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