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This wiki(a) is a place for information and discussion about any novella or novel from Charles Stross' The Laundry Files. This wiki aims to have entries on all placenames, characters, missions, gadgets, etc. from this fictional universe.

Anyone can help!

Be warned: MAJOR SPOILERS from this point onwards.

What is The Laundry?[]

The Laundry Files are a series of science fiction spy thrillers written by British writer Charles Stross. The series main character is Bob Howard, a one-time I.T. consultant, now field agent working for British government agency The Laundry which deals with occult threats. The books are influenced by Lovecraft's visions of the future, and set in a world where a computer and the right mathematical equations is just as useful a toolset for calling up horrors from other dimensions as a spellbook and a pentagram on the floor.


  • Reading Order contains a list of all books and short stories in the series in the in-universe chronological order
  • Category:Content contains a list of all our content articles (characters, places, etc.). Think of it as of our content index.
  • The Laundry (game) page discuss the Cubicle 7 rpg game.

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