The Rhesus Chart is the fifth novel by Charles Stross in his "Laundry" series of Lovecraftian spy thrillers.

The Rhesus Chart
Author Charles Stross
Publication date July 1, 2014
Published by Ace
ISBN 0425256863
Publication Order
Preceded by
The Apocalypse Codex
Followed by
The Annihilation Score

Author Charles Stross opened a discussion on his blog about The Rhesus chart.



The Rhesus Chart variant cover

The Rhesus Chart takes place one month after the events of The Apocalypse Codex.

Of all of the supernatural horrors encountered by the Laundry, Vampires is not one of them.  Mention them, and you're sure to not be taken seriously.

When a group of investment bankers discover an arcane algorithm that gives them an aversion to sunlight and a taste for blood, somebody is trying to hide it from Her Majesty's Extra Secret Service. Bob, of course, finds himself right in the middle of it.


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