Unicorns are a species of sexually dimorphic, carnivorous horse-like organisms originating from a parallel universe, having been known to invade the Laundry's version of Earth on multiple occasions. They are also used by the Host of Air and Darkness as mounts. They have served on occasion as hosts for the entity known as Shub-Niggurath, although the precise relationship between the two is unclear.

Biology and Life-Cycle Edit

Unicorns exhibit extreme sexual dimorphism, with the two sexes outwardly appearing different enough to belong to completely different species. The females of the species resemble horses with white coats, but with glowing blue eyes and sharp teeth indicative of a carnivorous diet. The males are much smaller, resembling large land snails with long, conical, spiral-fluted shells; however, close inspection reveals that the shell conceals multiple tentacles used for locomotion.

Upon first being born, male and female unicorns from the same spawning group pair up, with the male taking up residence on the forehead of the female. Much as is the case with anglerfish, the male fuses to the circulatory system of the female and lives off of her blood supply. The fused male-female pair eventually grows to the proportions of an adult horse, and seeks out a location in which to spawn.

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